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    Welcome to Pinnacle
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    Reach Higher, Go Farther!
    Maximize Revenue Cycle For All Providers
    Providing Collection Services for Workers Comp Medical Providers
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    Litigation Leader in California
    Maximize Revenue Cycle For All Providers

What We Do

Pinnacle Lien Services offers a diverse team of professionals specializing in billing, litigation, the IBR process, and collections working with practices of all sizes throughout California. Contact us to find out just how simple collection and billing services for your medical practice can be.


Need Money Fast!

Fast Litigation Process

If you don't get paid there's no point in running a business. Find out how to turn problem accounts into cash.

Production Management!

Collections Solutions

We work as a team to provide superior customer service and a high collection success rate.

Client Satisfaction!

Latest Technology

Simplifying your medical billing for quick and easy resolution of your liens by using the latest software to help you get effective resolutions.


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Since 1997, Pinnacle Lien Service has been a leader in billing and litigation services.

With a 90% proven success rate in recovery in the Workers' Compensation arena, hospitals and medical providers can trust in our expertise.

In House Collections

After reviewing accounts, we plan a course of action. This may include filing a Declaration of Readiness, a Petition for Penalties & Interest, or a vigorous telephone strategy.

Hearing & Trial Representation

The hearing & trial period is critical for collecting. Pinnacle covers every element of the process and keeps our clients informed every step of the way.

Insurance & Review EOB Disputes

We make sure that no down-coding takes place and every measure is taken to collect the balance owed.

Compliant with WCAB Rules

We comply with the latest rules and regulations including ACOEM guidelines and all CA Labor Codes.

Comprehensive Monthly Billing

Each client receives a monthly snapshot and status of all cases, this enables them to track each outcome.

Personal Injury Case Mgmt

Keeping track of ongoing P.I. cases can be time consuming. We stay on top of all parties to insure our client's lien isn't neglected at settlement.

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    Pinnacle Lien Service provides medical billing specialization in complex services for all payer types

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    Pinnacle Lien Services offers an array of billing services and is dedicated to helping your practice achieve optimal revenue cycles.

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